Capture One 8 is here!

This is a moment we have been waiting for. At last Capture One 8 is here.

For us this release is great news. We can officially use the program which we had the pleasure of beta testing for a few months now. From the beginning we saw that it is a major improvement over version 7.

Many of the existing sliders just give a more realistic, photographic look. The HDR panel for example, with highlight and shadow recovery, works truly great. Even at 100% the highlight recovery in many images still looks realistic, which is not the case in most competing software packages. There are of course also new additions. Our favorite is the new grain panel which in our opinion is the most versatile grain emulator out there. Anything from subtle tiny grain, up to harsh big lumps is rendered in a beautiful photographic fashion.

Additionally C1 8 is much faster. This is a big plus for many of us who use C1 on large collections of images. Developing, rendering, but also applying styles to large batches of images is a whole lot quicker. On top of that Capture One 8 is proving very stable for us on Mac’s Mavericks.

You may read more about the release on Phase One’s site here.
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