Capture One 8.2 with new color grading


Version 8.2 of Capture One 8, our favorite raw developer, is not a big update and yet a very powerful one. The color balance tool has been completely redesigned and now features a more film grading look.

Capture One 8.2 Color Balance tool

Capture One 8.2 Color Balance tool

Although it looks like a very minor addition to the toolset, it is in fact a very quick method for grading images. With separate adjustments of color angle, saturation and lightness it’s possible to achieve a desired look in  moments. Previously to grade highlights, mid tones and shadows one would have to manipulate separate RGB channels using the levels or curves and yet it was far less intuitive and much slower.

Up to now color balance in Capture One had only a general color wheel effecting the whole spectrum of the image. Although this is still there, now there are seperate wheels for highlights, mid tones and shadows and the separation is really well executed. No harsh tonal cut offs occur even when making extreme corrections on the color wheels.

Once agin Capture One engineers have found a way to work with images even faster, get it done and move on. After being skeptical for some time we are liking the new color balance tool more and more. Yet we still think working on levels and curves will keep on being a necessary part of the grading process due to the precision of control they offer. Color balance does not offer any numerical data regarding the strength of each parameter and so a visual reference is the only way of guidance. Maybe it will change in the next version, but this is the only drawback we could find, so all in all a wonderful new addition to the already excellent color manipulation toolset.

Another new feature in version 8.2 is a token based way of sorting imported and exported images. Both at import and export Capture One is able to direct images to separate folders based on an almost endless list of parameters, from camera settings to various metadata field values. Simplest examples might be sorting images by date, camera body or lens used, file type… Tokens also permit use of a tree structure, so adding a “/” between tokens on a mac or a “\” on a pc will add another subfolder with another, deeper way of sorting. This feature might prove a savior to photographers needing to sort images from big shoots for delivery or storage. One more timesaver.

C1 8.2 - token based structure

C1 8.2 – token based structure

For more information on the update you may wish to see a webinar about it here.

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And since you read this far you might be interested in meeting with the developers of C1. Watch this short film about the team working at Phase One in Kopenhagen.



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