Capture One 9 is here!



Phase one is on a roll. Releasing the XF camera with the IQ3 backs earlier this year and now Capture One 9 here. The landmark of raw image developing just got better. Capture One 9 adds new features which add functionality, increase creative possiblities and streamline the user experience. Phase One is always committed to ultimate quality and therefore many featured have been improved.

Here is an introduction video to Capture One 9:


It is not a mistake that the number of photographers using Capture One Pro as their application of choice is steadily increasing year after year. Yet for me a much more convincing argument, is the fact that most high end photographers turn to the power of Phase One and Capture One for their work.

Capture On 9

Capture On 9


A few of the important benefits of the new version are:
– new color engine
– new processing engine
– luma curves
– curves on correction layers
– layer corrections based on color gamut masks
– dynamic token based metadata and image management
– enhanced openCL support

We are very keen to explore all of this in the coming weeks and give you a full update.
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If you would like to see an overview of the new features in a sweet marketing tone have a look at this video:

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