a few words about us…


krzysztof-gadomski2Krzysztof Gadomski

Born on the coast of the Baltic Sea, on the only Polish island, near a Russian military base, Krzysztof ventured to Kraków in the 90’s where he began his career in advertising agencies. His excellent knowledge of prepress, precision and creative thinking together with a deep understanding of retouching formed a unique talent. Krzysztof is also our technical guru responsible for the development of our infrastructure. Being passionate about programming he solves many of our everyday problems through those small green letters only programmers understand.

Although being very focused on our everyday activities he still finds time to come up with new ideas for our business and sketches for short films. Maybe he should have been a director, as friends called him Tarantino when he was young :)


tomasz-kozakiewicz2Tomasz Kozakiewicz

Grew up in Nowa Huta, the new part of old Kraków, which young people now call Mordor, Tomasz started his photographic career in a commercial studio from which he ventured to New York, came back to Kraków and formed the studio together with Krzysztof. Going from photographer to assistant, studio manager, freelance photographer and retoucher he has a broad knowledge of the photo industry and a keen interest in the technical aspects of the photographic arts. You can often see him reading about new and old cameras and lenses, which he is quite an expert about. On other occasions you may find him trying to develop a new color style in the middle of the night… His photo work can be seen on tkozakiewicz.com. Tomasz also runs a photo news website F4News.com

In contrast to Krzysztof Tomasz likes to work on many things at once. It has always been hard for him to decide whom he should be. Photographing, retouching, writing are a few of his favorite activities, but in the past he has even sold helicopters ;-)

Since 2014 Tomasz & Krzysztof have become Phase One ambassadors.