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  • Color Grading Stills
  • Color Grading Motion
  • CMYK Proof Prints

If colors are your game, we’ve got you!

Color grading is what we live for. Grading has the largest effect on images out of all the post-production phases. That’s why many photographers, directors and companies just do color grading to make the images look fantastic, but keep all their natural grace.

If you’re into super natural looks be sure to mention you’re against any retouching and want pure color work, when asking for an estimate.




  • Campaign Retouching
  • Editorial Retouching
  • PR retouching
  • E-commerce Retouching
  • Motion Retouching

We created a tiered retouching service matched to your needs.

From quick, batch e-commerce shoots for premium brands, to the most complex artistic and advertising assignments, we ace the full spectrum of your requirements.

We love detailed briefs, but are also happy to work without one as we always treat your instructions as a starting point and push further to achieve an amazing image each time.




  • Photography Compositing
  • CGI + Photography Compositing
  • 2D & 3D Asset research and acquisition

We love a challenge!

Composites of images, CGI and even motion demand orchestrating all elements of pre-production, production and post-production. When it all comes together so well no one is able to tell, then the impossible became possible and we’re content we did our job.

Because of their complexity we always ask to be included early in the process, whenever possible. Often small production changes lead to significant time savings in post-production.


Photo Restoration


  • Repair
  • Colorization
  • Quality Enhancement
See case study



  • Color Grading
  • Light retouching
  • VFX

As motion content becomes the ever more prevalent medium, we’ve got you covered.

We’re here to color grade, change the details and add special effects, type and elements to your videos.

Are you getting ready with a TV add, or maybe you want to streamline a batch of clips for your store? Let’s talk about what service best suits your needs.



  • Sourcing and creating assets
  • Enhancing models and textures
  • Asset rendering
  • Full image creation

Some things do not exist in this world. Let’s make them happen!

Once perfectly rendering a car or machine was an exotic dark art. It still requires a lot of skill and experience to make it look fantastic, but with us it’s a walk in the park.

Do you have a model you’d like to visualise or combine with existing footage? We love a challange!

Graphic Design


  • Logo and brand identity design
  • Print and digital design
  • Social media and webdesign

Your branding speaks millions of words about you and your company.

Each logo, layout, interface or branding concept is tailored to your specific needs. We listen to who you are and give you options to choose from, bringing you into the creative process.



  • Asset backups
  • Long term archive

We backup and archive all your work and final files free of charge for years to come.

Backups and archives are an essential part of a professional data workflow. Many of our clients have lost access to files we worked on over a decade ago and were amazed to have the possibility of getting back all their high-res images.



  • Pre-production consulting
  • On-set and remote live consulting

Post-production can be a tricky business.

We love to help by providing pre-shoot, on-shoot, remote and general consultations. Please reach out and let us know your questions when scheduling your session.

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